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Forum Rules
protocol and etiquette
7 7 Terms & agreement
by NeoZen888
Obey Nature
principles of health
24 22 Four Steps to Health
by NeoZen888
frequent answers to questions
53 53 Hepatitis
by NeoZen888
35 19 New Forum Update
by NeoZen888
success stories
33 17 Men's Wellness testimonial
by NeoZen888
say hello
33 6 Hi all- from bc1993
by NeoZen888
     Barefoot Knowledge
books and quotes
38 26 pseudo teachers
by NeoZen888
Barefoot Talk
Discussion & Support
296 148 BF&C Salves
by NeoZen888
health documents
25 11 Health Through Nutrition
by NeoZen888
     Pre-Cleanse Process
Liver Flush
removing gallstones
11 10 Liver/Gallbladder cleanse
by NeoZen888
Parasite Cleanse
deworming protocol
14 13 Toxicity & Parasites
by NeoZen888
Kidney Cleanse 15 9 removed
by kevinhayes
     Fasting Support
Healing Crisis
understanding and prevention
10 8 feeling really cold
by NeoZen888
Short Fast
3, 7 or 14 day OJ Fast
29 10 The method
by NeoZen888
Extended Fast
21 or 40 day OJ Fast
3 3 MH's 2014 Fast
by NeoZen888
     Herbal Products
Lower Bowel Balance 21 16 The LBB theory
by plzchuckle
The Dewormer
parasite control
10 9 Lymes disease
by NeoZen888
Longevity Spices
108+ herbal formula
12 9 varicose vein problem
by MH
Herbal Sprays 10 9 Tooth and Gum spray
by NeoZen888
Other Forumulas
old, new, or experimental
67 39 The concentrates
by NeoZen888
     Alternative Healing
Regenerating the Body
34 29 Burnt Hand
by NeoZen888
Pain Management
healing the nervous system
33 27 Lifestyle Choice
by NeoZen888
Geriatric Care
old-age, sickness and dying
16 7 Equine Therapy
by NeoZen888
     Barefooter's Home
Family Health
pregnancy, birth, teens and pets
103 76 Barefoot always
by JohannKKarl
Green Housing
Building a less toxic home
25 16 reducing EMFs
by NeoZen888
Distilled water
pure water and baths
18 10 bathing in distilled water
by Nanaysdaughter
Air Purification
for home or hospitals
6 5 Lobelia plant
by NeoZen888
Home Gardening
farming tips
23 16 Horse care
by NeoZen888
     Barefoot Encyclopedia
(moderated posts)
81 34 Black Walnut: making tincture
by NeoZen888
(moderated posts)
28 15 garlic
by NeoZen888
(moderated posts)
58 20 No Crash
by NeoZen888
(moderated posts)
75 26 Toothpaste
by NeoZen888
(moderated posts)
24 9 Vitiligo
by NeoZen888
     Free Information
Free Books 9 4 108 page booklet
by NeoZen888
World News
post videos or articles
29 20 The Matrix Trilogy decoded
by NeoZen888

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