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I actually got a cavity whilst Fasting on OJ, now i rinse flush my mouth with clean water, after everything eaten or when i had juice, i rinse my mouth with good water, had no problems after that.


old subject talked about many times over the years on this forum…

Tonight at the state fair I noticed a huge semi trailer promoting sensadine tooth paste and their gimmick was that healthy fruits have acids that eat your teeth up, so you need their tooth paste……WHAT TRASH…

Bone / Teeth get their foundation from the mother, if she was sickly, odds are the child will have a dental disaster by age 6 and the bones are no better off than the teeth in my theory.

My kids drink citrus juice every day of their lives, and prefer it over water. If anything, they mostly only drink water while at sports events and they often drink very little because they don't care for water.

SO, for those who believe fruit juice is bad for any possible reason on this planet for humans, my kids should have rotted teeth beyond dental help……BUT, the 2 youngest ages 10 and 13 have never once been to a dentist; they have no reason to see one. WHY? because they drink sweet "acid" orange juice every day.

AS EXPLAINED in BOOK I and other books on the website made for this forum, the acids enter the stomach, into the blood stream, aid in killing the bad bacteria and exit the lungs and skin all within 10 minutes or less and the sugars/minerals left in the stomach supply the building blocks for the co-q10 factor.

PEOPLE who experience bad teeth have their lifetime to blame and for the body to replace the bad bones and teethe, the old has to be dissolved and expelled first…

People who have acid producing stomachs should understand why they have acid saliva that bathes their teeth and makes them bad….and the late dr. hulda clark swallowed acid with every meal wanting 50,000x more acid than normal, because she believed in "medical" acid theory, which is 100% wrong and pro disease / pro cancer, which made over 50% of what clark believed in was books convincing the readers to self-create cancer and never ever did she even come close to a cancer cure; she was so far away it was as if she was blind…..aka medical minded.

This subject has been horse whipped enough, it is a dead subject from now on, because those that write about it, have never read BOOK I or simply don't agree with the author, because if they did, they would understand their bones, teeth, health and like the Dr. wrote, once they understand, they never returned to the clinic, because they "knew" the problem and the dr. / clinic can't help them beyond the education to make them their own physician.

NO ONE that I have ever knew or heard of or even read of, has followed the advice of the late author of BOOK I. We all eat what we want and not what GOD created us to live on. That is what makes us human, we forever fight with nature and nature always wins.

HERBS help us cheat the system.


"IF" I believed for 1 second that orange juice or any sweet tree fruit juices was bad for the kid's teeth, I would never have it in the house.

Orange Juice is the only juice that I can drink every day and as fast as i want and have zero, 100% zero side effects with digestion, kidneys, pancreas and entire body….

The kids are not puny cavity eaten weaklings, instead they stand taller, stronger and lead the pack at their schools…That is my proof to me that sweet fruit juice and de-worming in on the right path.

Obey Nature with your body, speech & mind to achieve a natural-state of Being.
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