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The Master Herbalist writes:

No doubt fish are the result of the quality of the water they live in, pretty much the same we are the result of our air quality.

Some fish eat "green" plant only, while most fish eat other fish. Fish that eat other fish tend to accumulate the heavy metals from each fish it ate…..not all unlike we humans who have a hard time expelling the heavy metals we consume.

Fish as a meat is very much different than animal meats, normally much softer, less blood, etc. Just as prone to worms depending on environment and in no way ever should any human eat a raw fish or raw animal, to do so is just asking for for their worms. People who eat raw fish often get much more than they bargained for.

Humans that eat allot of the same mammal meats can take on the resemblance of that animal, the pig is the perfect example. The human body can actually develop likenesses in many different ways and easily share all the same worms. While I doubt that is possible with fish, they are 'too" different to cross easily into the human DNA make up.

Some countries literally seek to trap every fish on the planet and spend billions $$$$ in an effort to catch every fish in the ocean. As demand grows, more and more seek to farm fish and raise them in tanks, ponds, floating cages, etc.

Chem Trails aka germ/chemical warfare
Mammals are all victims, if they walk on and eat from the ground, they for their entire lives have consumed chem trail metals/poisons meant for humans. Which pretty much explains the huge problems with cows and pigs today…'s commercial cow is loaded with E. Coli to the extent they soak the meat in ammonia and the pigs of today are so sickly the farmers struggle to get them to gain weight. They have so much disease it is literally a disaster. the commercial chicken is even a worse nightmare. So the meat eaters have their problems and for as long as humans exist, they will most all eat meat and often every day if possible and those with extra $$$ or raising their own will eat meat 3x daily.

I have always liked fish and have been raising them for the past 30+ years, they are fun to catch and even more fun to feed. Fish are extremely smart and often very friendly if they know you mean them no harm. Once addicted to feed, they will even beg you just like a cat or dog begs to be fed.

Hopefully come this Oct. I will get to ad a new specie of fish, called the Paddle Fish. Seems 1 farmer has moved to our state that is raising them for their eggs and meat and are butchered locally and once a year in oct. they will sale the small ones as a way to make more $$$$. Not really known this far North, but this 1 farmer has proved they will grow here. I think in some states they are considered a problem due to their enormous size. The local fish butcher says the farmer brings them in about 6-7 feet long and if permitted can grow well past 200 pounds…..which is a whopper of a fresh water fish. He said they eat "green" and not really a fish you can set out to "catch"…..I assume they get big $$$ out of the eggs and they sell the frozen steaks in their store. Their store has been growing a little every year for the past 20+ years, so evidently someone iOS buying the fish and fish are not cheap.

We have never ate one of our fish, but if hard time ever did come, i am pretty sure we could consume fish for the rest of our lives and never run out. They are in deed one of the greatest sources of meat possible when you consider that a well balanced farm pond can supply fish every day of every year and never cost anything to the farmer if the pond is left balanced and not over farmed. You do not need fences, feed, or are taxed on fish in your pond. Are fish better than hogs/chickens/cows? I would surely thing so "IF" the water is good. With my ponds, I allow thousands of cat tail plants to live all around the pond and have shallow ponds that catch the land water 'first" and pre filter the water through solid cat tails / mud / bacteria……I read that cat tails will suck the poison out of water, all the heavy metals…

Then I like the large predator fish, they eat any fish that gets sick or injured and if a fish should die and float to the surface in the summer time, the local buzzards fly by every day with hopes of getting them selves a fish and they learned to fly down and grab onto a fish just like ann eagle does and pick it up and carry it to the bank, where they as a group love to share fish.

Can you feel sorry for a fish?

Fish from birth till death live in a world of being eaten by a larger fish. They say out of 20,000 babies, maybe 1 lives to adult hood / old age. They live in the fish eat fish world. YES, they like each other as in 'families", they do communicate…..they can learn to "like" humans………but not as much as cows/pigs/chickens can learn to love humans.

There is no doubt small scale fish farming is on the rise and the evil scientist have been modifying (GMO) the fish for many years now, making them with little heads and large bodies as a method to make more $$$ for the farmer. Sadly many of the defeated in-slaved countries are supplying the world with fish. Often polluted areas where entire countries were bombed with depleted uranium; making the fish from those countries toxic for thousands of years, same with their other foods according to some authors and the countries were bombed / defeated with the intentions of raising food for the entire world, which makes no real sense..

Very difficult to buy a non toxic fish food, corn/soybean is in everything and makes foods unfit for fish and humans alike….

What I have found interesting is how long some fish can live with no food…literally for 3+ years and yet, seem "healthy"… When forced, some fish can live under extreme conditions and "adapt", just like humans have to….

Meat in reality is not something most people like, what they are addicted to is the seasonings / oils and not the actual meat its self. "IF" people ate meat100% plain, soon the meat farmers would be out of business. THE ONE TRUE FOOD that taste great direct from NATURE will always be the sweet tree/vine fruits.

When you live too far North, fish would be the better option as a meat source. Many people hunt, kill and eat deer and that is probably a huge mistake.


Obey Nature with your body, speech & mind to achieve a natural-state of Being.
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