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The Master Herbalist writes on 4/1/05:

Bread is always a wrong choice, you actually can make a raw uncooked bread, but I have not done it yet.

Cheese is always a wrong choice also.

I grew up on these things and if we eat them, we should eat them by them selves and chew them very well. The same goes for all foods that are not fruits/berries.

To mix foods of even like kinds always make for harder digestion and normally will create acid and mucus. Proper food combining was only for those that would not eat a mono diet. There are plenty of food combining website and books, I prefer the 1st schooling book's ideas because the author was the first to be accredited in the USA with food combinations, but realize, he says it is only because he knew people would resist eating a mono diet.

I suggest that we eliminate anything we eat with in 12 hours and watch the pH. If your not alkaline, then you know you need to go back and clean up and eat right.

If your not alkaline and do not care, it really makes no difference what we eat. For those that want to maintain an alkaline digestion, the fruit and berry mono diet is the best method I know. I have no good suggestions for mixing foods together.


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