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Posted 9/23/14:

A local girl that has known about doing liver flushes since the first time we [here] have ever done them and all the stuff since then---was told by her M.D. that she needed her gallbladder removed, that it was dead and none function able…..she said maybe she should do a liver flush and cleanse to her M.D. and her female M.D. told her that would be a waste of time, because her gallbladder is dead and needs removed asap….

Needless to say, almost 25 years after "knowing", she did her first liver flush and today is about ready to jump out of her skin as she explained how nickel and quarter size stones came rolling out along with indescribable worms----she used 1 bottle of P/W A in 2 weeks and then her first ever liver cleanse. She proclaimed we saved her thousands of $$$$$$$$$$$$ and not only that, saved her vital organ….an organ the doctors are trained to believe is worthless and GOD made a mistake and that we all surely can live well with out that trouble making organ……


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