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The Master Herbalist writes:

The gluten free "extremist" are almost 99%+ women, how they get scammed into being extremist I don't want to know…..In general they will live such a toxic life they can't even see it, yet almost destroy the life over their obsession with gluten free….

Humans are designed to eat sweet tree fruits ONLY, so grains and gluten is a mute subject for those who are really seeking to be healthy…..

The extremist want to believe that if corn touched it, it surely can kill them and their own minds make their lives miserable…

The extremist seek gluten free alcohol to get drunk on---after all, they would not want to harm their health by getting drunk of booze that touched corn…

they often live in toxic houses, often believe in vaccinations and their medical doctors and odds are they drink;live on their extremely dirty/toxic water source and yet blame their ill health on something they learned to call gluten….and never consider the many reasons their body is constipated and full of infection. And god forbid they learn about their dentist and cancer societies that have spent billions with the goals of making the general populations full of cancer.

On the subject of alcohol, these extremist women will go bunkers over the idea the alcohol may have came from corn and want to believe they can get drunk on potato vodka and that is ok---even though the late Dr/ Hulda Clark could not stand any of the vodka products because she could find a fungus from the potato that can live even in the highest proof vodka--which is also hard to believe---BUT when it is not pure alcohol, that does mean something else is in the bottle.

Anyone doing a 1 minute search on the subject of gluten can easily find this:

The National Institutes of Health's Celiac Disease Awareness Campaign makes a point of saying all distilled alcohol is gluten-free, regardless of its original source.

The Canadian Celiac Association concurs, saying in part, "distilled alcoholic beverages such as gin, vodka, scotch whiskey and rye whiskey are made from the fermentation of wheat, barley or rye. Since they are distilled, they do not contain prolamins [i.e., gluten proteins] and are allowed unless otherwise contraindicated."

However, the Celiac Sprue Association does not necessarily agree. When it comes to alcoholic beverages, the association recommends celiacs consume only potato-based vodka, rum and tequila (all made from non-gluten grain sources), along with preservative- and dye-free wines and brandies and gluten-free beer.

JUST AMAZING HOW manufacturers can train humans and sell to humans….and the humans just never really want to learn about why they get sick and the simply solutions to live better………they thrive on reading garbage, but refuse to read simplistic common sense about their diet, drinks/house/dentist/medical/germ/chemical warfare and the numerous reasons they truly are sickly creatures…

YES, go corn free, grains are for MICE and BUGS, not for humans…

does corn / gluten enter into pure distilled 195% alcohol? That would seem highly impossible and IF such humans are so sickly creatures in the first place, their next breath of air surely would kill them dead anyway….

GLUTEN like peanuts, bees and the endless other reasons people are allergic----THEY ARE MAXED OUT WITH THEIR OWN ACCUMULATED INTERNAL CRAP……for real, they need to simply follow fasting procedures properly and allow their red blood cells to seek/destroy the enemy and ideally eventually eat anything that does not eat them first, "IF" they wanted to do such things…

I have 1 firm rule, NEVER MESS with people who are allergic to anything; because that simple means they want to believe that and not believe it is because of their diet and habits….

Obey Nature with your body, speech & mind to achieve a natural-state of Being.
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