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posted 1/25/08:

Hi MH,

I have a friend, about 50 years old, she has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and Dr. Hackenslash wants to give her a hysterectomy. Any advice other than the fast and cleansing?



A woman falls prey to the medical trap and the goal is always what she is experiencing now. If she goes medical, she has x amount of days.......she will most likely be on drugs and testing for the rest of her life. Good chance that if she truly does have cancer, the operation will spread it body wide, etc...

I suggest a second opinion, many such doctors in this field are as low as humans can crawl and will lie to women over and over, which is no problem, because their livelihood depends on lies.

The operation is never a cure.

The cure cleans the body/blood up and the body repairs the damage.

This is not easy for most women, because they trust their MD to death till they part.

Dr. Christopher and Dr. Shulze both had a passion for helping such women. Add the sitz bath to what these men suggest and you have a winning combination.

99% of the women will never do what they need to do, they would rather die than care for them selves, all of which is a result of a lifetime of drugs.

YES, it can be done, but will a person do it? They need to STOP LIFE today and read nonstop and see if they are up to using NATURE.

The Dr. Mom / Christopher women's books (videos)are the 2 sources I would read and they must be prepared to clean up now and stay clean! All of which the husband will not like, etc..

Female herbs are expensive, so be prepared to spend maybe $1,000 the first year for the full blown herbal methods and the sitz bath cost zero. I am sure a doctor's test can easily cost more than $1,000 and do ZERO.


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