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People who smoke:

Oh what a GREAT QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY do smokers stay thin and then gain weight when they stop?

We are what we breath and what we eat is what we accumulate.

So smokers are starving to death when they don't give their body enough pure air and as they ruin their lungs....easy enough to figure out. The drug effect speeds up the adrenal glands and burns their food up.

So why do they fatten up when they stop? Their adrenal glands were being whipped to a premature death. No drug, the adrenal glands are exhausted and slow down and as they slow down, that same food does not burn up and starts to accumulate.

They can't increase their air, because their lungs have a lifetime of tar clogged in them.

The ones that drop over dead? Yes, first they put on 100# and then one day their adrenal gland was called upon and it RUPTURES under the strain of being pushed too hard for too many years and when one ruptures, you fall backward and are dead before your head splits.

Those that smoke, should never ever take prescription drugs, because they too whip the adrenal glands and cause heart attacks.

Smoking or anything that reduced our air intake has to be the tops of sins against the body.

To reverse smoke damage, the Air Restore and Maximum Restore formulas do wonders over time as the person starts to hack up the accumulated mass. Orange Juice fasting is a must.

The varicose vein problem won't correct until all excessive weight is long gone.


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