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The Master Herbalist writes:

Even the best herbal/drug/vitamin capsules will use these man made "acids" as part of their sterilization. If your capsule comes in a professional made bottle/label and lab certified-----look and you will see a form of acid in the list of ingredients.

"IF" you are healthy---

100% of all those products and even the foods, should give you an instant nose bleed until the acid has been expelled.

Your nose bleed should start within 1-5 minutes of consuming the product. It will last as long as it takes to expel the acid. Anywhere from 2-3 drops of blood, to 1/2 a teaspoon. If it bleeds longer, then your product had allot of vitamin c in it.

VITAMIN C therapy via the veins……ya know, those mexican clinic type doctors who inject vitamin c directly into your veins………."IF" you were healthy to begin with, that amount of poison should put you into shock and you should instantly throw up uncontrollably before you die from the massive shock.

ANYONE that understands pH would never knowingly put vitamin c / acid or any poison (mercury) in their body. THIS IS WHY DOCTORS KILL so many thousands of people every year---THEY O/D normal people on ACID--it shocks their blood stream and they die.

"IF" your nose does not bleed, you do not throw up, do not get diarrhea, etc. or even a skin rash---it just proves how toxic you already are….

Commercial herbs/vitamins/drugs have this 1 huge fault that makes them 100% toxic in my opinion.

The nose maintains your body heat, it is a hydrogen / magnificent creation of GOD that allows life to enter your body with every breath….it is a defense organ protecting your 24/7.

YOUR NOSE actually should break open and allow blood to pour out rather than have high blood pressure and die of a heart attack….

YOUR NOSE is a VALVE with extreme intelligence.

YOUR BLOOD CELLS all have their own BRAIN, they seek to protect you at all times and acids = death.


Obey Nature with your body, speech & mind to achieve a natural-state of Being.
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