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The Herxheimer Reaction is the most common of all healing crises.

MH’s dewormer is, by far, the best and cheapest on the market for the size and quantity that he offers.  It is suggested that you deworm for a minimum of 30 days to thoroughly remove the most stubborn parasites and worms.  While you are deworming, be sure to take the LBB, to assist flushing these foreign invaders down and out.  :toilet:  If you follow this advice you won’t ever experience the Herxheimer Reaction.

The Herxheimer Reaction is the result of the die-off of the candida or parasites in your body too quickly.  This leads to binging on the foods that contributed to the over-growth of the yeast or parasites in the first place.  They will fight to survive if you are not mindful and careful to do this process correctly.

After experiencing a strong feeling of irritability and subsequent hunger pangs, you end up eating the wrong foods such as breads, chocolates and other sweats.  By taking the LBB herbal supplement while you are deworming, there will be almost zero chance for this to happen.

good luck!

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