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The Master Herbalist writes on 6/5/09:

The one I call the Amish Healer has over worked him self mentally and physically for at least the past 15 years...while he says 5 years....

getting worn out, he decided he had better do a fast before it was too he started his fast.

now keep in mind:
he doesn't do the lbb capsules
believes in the enema
believes in the farm animal diet
believes in vitamins
and does not do a pre-cleanse or de-worm before the fasting and his fasting can be what i consider a very "hard" fast using water, etc....and not the very safe juice fasting.

well anyway
he is on day 7 of his style of fasting and been fatigued, over worked and lacked sleep for many, many , many years....and on day 7 he is feeling pretty week and his wife suggest he should have a bite of food, so they buy him a banana and he said that banana was green and he ate it........................

i guess he got sick as a dog; as the ole saying goes and was bad off and just now recovering enough to get back to what he was like before he started, which was bad off..

he suggested that green banana gave him food poisoning, because he felt that bad....

that banana did him no monster bacteria that was waiting to "get him"....when we are so sickly it is a sign of our own accumulated acids and the moment your blood drops below 7.3 PH your going to feel like your poisoned, because you are! with your own poisons.

the golden rule
open the channels of elimination before you start pushing the waste out!

The old Amish Healer is a unique person that has helped many in his time, doing it his way.... you're not going to change such folks, but like all the others like him, we can take what he learned and combined it with what others learned and then make up our own methods and hope we proved upon their works.


Obey Nature with your body, speech & mind to achieve a natural-state of Being.
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